Measures and Records oils/Liquids with Accuracy of 0.1%

Diesel, FO, LDO, Petrol, MTO, SKO, ATF, Hydraulic Oil, Transformer Oil, Mobile Oil, Gear Oil, DOP, Solvents, Petro Chemicals, Liquid chemicals, Lubricating Oils, Mustard Oil, Edible oils etc.and any other non-corrosive oil/liquid having max. viscocity of 120 cst. (equivalent to raw honey)

The applications of these products are as follows:

Exact quantity from supplier (Road Tanker) to storage tank
Exact required quantity from storage tank to one or multiple points.
Exact consumption of large D.G. sets, Engines, Boilers and Furnaces.
Mix :
Exact required quantity directly into the mixer.
Exact required quantity or pre-set quantity.
Exact quantity at retail outlet .
Exact quantity to stationary, heavy/Slow moving machinery or retailing in remote areas.

Steel, Cement, Ceramics, Textiles, Paper, Power, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizers, Leather, Sugar, Engineering and Miscellaneous Industries

Manage full account of each and every litre of Fuel oil receipt/Consumed in plant.

  • Get exact receipt from road tanker( Supplier).
  • Transfer exact quantity to single or multi points.
  • Get exact consumption of large Gen. set, Furnace, Boiler, Engine etc.

Oil refineries and petro Chemicals
Tranfer and mix reuired quantity of various OILS/LIQUIDS directly in process.

Fill exact quantity of Mobile oil, Gear Oil, Break Oil etc. into engines directly on assembly line.

Mining and Construction
Transfer and issue required Quantity of Fuel oils, Hydraulic oil Lubricating oil to heavy and slow moving machine at working site.

Issue required Quantity of Diesel to Lorries at your compound

Large Hotels and Hospitals
Get exact receipt from road tanker(Supplier).
Get exact consumption of large Gen. set.

Get exact receipt of fuel oil for engine. Measure and record the exact Consumption of Oil.

Packaging and Dispensing
Fill exact quantity of various liquids into drums/barrels,containers.Dispense exact quantity of fuel oils.

Issue required quantity of ATF to small aircraft.

Pesticides and Agro chemicals
Receipt, Mix, Transfer required quantity of various liquids directly in processing.

Get exact receipt of fuel oil for engine and measures and records exact consumption of oil.

Breweries and Distilleries
Receipt, Mix, Transfer required quantity of various liquids directly in processing.

Transfer and issue required quantity of fuel oils to lorries, weaponry, engines, aircraft etc. on site through mobile dispenser.

Food Processing and Milk Products
Receipt, Mix, Transfer required quantity of various liquids directly in processing.

Mix the required quantity of liquids (aromatic oil/elasto 710) directly into the mixer.

These meters/equipments are multi purpose and widely used in various applications. It is mostly used as above mentioned. If you have some specific use other than these applications, we can assist you in designing and fitting according to your requirement.

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