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To get exact consumption of single or multiply large Gen. Set, Boilers, Furnances & Engines etc..
Inlet = 2" Flange, Outlet = 1/2" BSP x 4nos.
Return Line:
1/2 BSP x 4 nos.
Flow Rate
20 to 800 LPH (Diesel)
Diesel, L.D.O., SKO, R-9 etc.


'East-Man Fuel oil consumption metering system is especially built to note and record the exact consumption of single or multiple large engines, boilers and furneces etc. It runs with the gravitiy of the fuel oil from the overhead fuel tank and requires the minimum pressure of 4 psi. The positive displacement metering unit comprises tringular valve and seat with three teflon plunger runs in S.S. sleeves ensures lacs of litres of fuel oil calibrated smoothly. Diesel, C-9, Petrol, S.K.O., L.D.O. M.T.O., A.T.F. are some of the common fuel oils handled by this system with outstanding Performance.

Accuracy 0.1%
Pressure Min. 4 Psi to Max. 30 Psi.
Flow Rate 20 LPH to 700 LPH (Diesel) by Gravity.
Weight 42 Kg. Approx.
Dimensions 32" x 25 x 12"(L x H x W) in inches
Operating Tem. 0 degree to 82 degree Centrigrate
Calibration Can be done easily by user itself online.The calibration knob readily accessible below the counter for adjustment.
Display Counter Sturdy resettable mechanical counter with 1" digit x 5 digit (0000.0) display with seven digit non reset totlizer

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