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Introduction Size 1" BSP

'EAST-MAN' Petroleum Metering Unit is a reciprocating piston type positive displacement, volumetric flow meter. Employing calibrated three pistons that embody no by-pass, thus accurately measuring and recording each & every litre precisely of any kind of non corrosive oil/liquid. It will not freeze or air locked and does not require more attention that any other kind of machinery or equipment.

Advance manufacturing techniques, dimensional accuracy, rigid c. I. body, low noise, cost effective and the foremost indigenously built, make "EAST-MAN" Petroleum Metering Unit exceptionally reliable.

Exact quantity from supplier (Road Tanker) to storage tank
Exact required quantity from storage tank to one or multiple points.
Exact consumption of large D.G. sets, Engines, Boilers and Furnaces.
Mix :
Exact required quantity directly into the mixer.
Exact required quantity or pre-set quantity.
Exact quantity at retail outlet .
Exact quantity to stationary, heavy/Slow moving machinery or retailing in remote areas.

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