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Oil Vending Machine
Dispense Industrial/edible oil/liquid at retail outlet or make it mobile dispenser by installing it on a vehicle. It helps to increase retail sale in remote area and effectively cut the packaging cost. Dispense as little as 50 Millie litre to 30 liter at a time.
± 0.1%
Storage Capacity:
70 Liters
12 V DC (Battery) or 220 V AC
Single Display LED 1"
Quantity (00.00)

‘EAST-MAN’ Oil Vending Machine comprising metering unit, with four digit (00.00) resettable electronic display and a nonreset mechanical totlizer. The metering unit runs with the gravity force of the oil from inbuilt tank (Capacity 60 litres or more) and shows the output of oil by 1” LED display. The machine is suitable for retail vending of loose Mobil Oil, 2T Oil, Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil (Shockers & Door Closer), Transformer Oil, Mustard Oil, Refined Oil and other oils with the similar viscosity. Machine can be installed mobile or stationary and requires 12 V. DC or 220 V. AC for LED display only. With Pump is also available on request.

Accuracy ± 0.1%
Pressure Min. 4 psi To Max. 30 psi.
Delivery 20 LPM Max.
Display Capacity 00.00 (100 Litres, Resettable)
Totlizer Capacity 00,00000 (One Crore Litres, Non Reset Mechanical)
Operating Tem. 0 degree to 82 degree C
Calibration Through Calibration Knob which is readily accessible and can be done easily by user itself online. Sealing of calibration knob done by Department of Weights & Measures.
Electrical 12 V. DC or 220 V AC
Dimensions 18” x 25” x 48” (W x D x H) in inches for 60 litres inbuilt tank, can be different if capacity of tank increases.
Oil Level Situated and visible at front side.

Mechanism :
The true principle of measuring the oils/liquids, like intake the liquid in a syringe to a calibrated fix length and push the liquid out. This unique mechanism works like an automobile engine comprises triangular valve and seat with three calibrated Teflon pistons runs in S. S. sleeves that embody no by-pass,thus accurately measures & records every litre of oil precisely


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